JACCU, the Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht creates a community for Japanese art and culture enthusiasts to share and gain knowledge and experience. Support our initiatives with this crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe.


Our mission & vision

Our mission is to unite and support the artists, teachers, organisations, initiatives, and other groups representing and nourishing Japanese art and culture in the Netherlands.

JACCU is committed to becoming the favourite home for experiencing high-quality, authentic Japanese art and culture in the Netherlands. We are building a network that is bridging Japan and the Netherlands that enriches the cultural climate of Utrecht and the Netherlands. We are offering an inspiring space where everybody can breathe the Japanese spirit and feel at home. A space for learning, sharing, creating new knowledge and evolving in a diverse setting, feeling included as part of a great community. We dare to do so by providing a central hub with:


  • Language classes for English and Dutch speakers to learn Japanese, and Japanese natives to learn Dutch and English
  • Community events for cultural engagement and exchange
  • Arts & crafts classes, workshops such as taiko, shodō, sumi-e, chadō, ikebana, origami and more
  • Culinary and healing traditions workshops
  • An art gallery to exhibit artworks from or related to Japan
  • Public lectures and performances tied to Japanese culture and history
  • Residency programmes for artists, masters and budōka
  • A big dōjō for Japanese martial arts such as kendō, iaidō, jōdō, judō, aikidō, kyudō and more
  • A building with Japanese architecture and design including a library, shop, café and theatre.

Your support is important


With your support to this campaign, we will solidify ourselves as a non-profit and expand our first-year offerings to further connect the community in the Netherlands.

By helping us achieve our first goal of €5000, you will be directly contributing to our startup costs of the organisation and our first offerings for Japanese language classes and Japanese cooking classes in 2021. We thank you for being the founding donors to JACCU!

Also, find out more about us, check how to join us, and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page!

Thank you, ありがとうございます!



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