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Have you ever been to Japan? Can you imagine stepping into a space shaped by the cultural trait of resilience, the spirit of community and fellowship? Imagine… Imagine a place where you can feel the atmosphere of respect, the honour of being present, and the energy to nourish your dreams and accomplish them with wisdom. Make yourself at home, take this opportunity to gather with unique people and enhance your authenticity, sharing amazing experiences and “just” being together. Feel this vibe and be welcome to join us at JACCU, the Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht in the heart of the Netherlands.

JACCU is a community for Japanese art and culture enthusiasts to share and gain knowledge and experience. As a pioneer non-profit cultural organisation based in Utrecht, we offer a centre for gathering, practice, research and continuous learning, where we welcome both Japanese and non-Japanese art & culture enthusiasts.


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Our mission is to unite and support the artists, teachers, organisations, initiatives, and other groups representing and nourishing the Japanese art and culture in the Netherlands and around.


JACCU is committed to becoming the favourite home for experiencing high-quality, authentic Japanese art and culture not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe. We are building a network that is bridging Japan and the Netherlands that enriches the cultural climate of Utrecht and beyond.

We are offering an inspiring space where everybody can breathe the Japanese spirit and feel at home. A space for learning, sharing, creating new knowledge and evolving in a diverse setting, feeling included as part of a great community.

A central hub


  • Language classes for English and Dutch speakers to learn Japanese, and Japanese natives to learn Dutch and English
  • Community events for cultural engagement and exchange
  • Arts & crafts classes, workshops such as taiko, shodo, sumi-e, chado, ikebana, origami and more
  • Culinary and healing traditions workshops
  • An art gallery to exhibit artworks from or related to Japan
  • Public lectures and performances tied to Japanese culture and history
  • Residency programmes for artists, masters and budoka
  • A big dojo for Japanese martial arts such as kendo, iaido, jodo, judo, aikido, karate, kyudo and more
  • A building with Japanese architecture and design including a library, shop, café and theatre.

Make yourself at home

JACCU is here to inspire people to share the values of the Japanese culture and the philosophy behind it. We believe that creating a space where people can easily step in will help to connect to this community we are building. Gathering and having fun is our working mode to leave a legacy that uplifts future generations. “Approachability”, “fellowship”, and “mastery” are our core values. We welcome all that are interested in Japanese art and culture.


hanko geijutsu bunka

Stichting Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht

KVK: 862830175

President: Taciser Sevinc
Secretary: Nadia Polosina
Treasurer: Vera Belderbos
Board member: Hiroko Matsushita
Board member: Cindy Agterberg


“Creating a big house for Japanese art & culture, where I can support artists and craftsmen, learn more about Japanese arts & crafts, and practise kendo everyday was my dream.”

Taciser Sevinc

Artist & Designer

“Art and design are my passion and I would like to connect Japan and the Netherlands through them. I would like people to know not only typical Japanese culture, but also contemporary design, art and craft.”

Hiroko Matsushita

Artist & Designer

“Having lived in Japan for 5 years, I want to have a part of real Japan back in my life, to be able to speak the language, attend a lecture, purchase Japanese goods and meet those who have been in Japan.”

Nadia Polosina


“My strength as a professional is to look at financial details with an honest view. I would like for JACCU to be a financially healthy organisation where Japanese culture can be explored and practised without limitation.”

Vera Belderbos

Financial Administrator

“I have a lot of Japanese musicians as friends. I host them in the Netherlands, and bring them on stage. My future dream is that every Japanese musician knows JACCU and wants to perform here.”

Cindy Agterberg

Matchmaker & Musician

“Hope to understand art, culture and language of each other through JACCU.”


Hanae Sasaoka

Artist & Language Teacher

“I am very passionate about developing networks between Japanese and Dutch arts, design and culture. I hope JACCU will be the place for everyone to share artistic skills and exchange cultural experiences.”

Yoshihito Noda

PR consultant & Language Teacher

“Being creative in teaching the language & the taiko art helps me keep life fresh and helps me to get people more in touch with their feeling through drumming. I hope to explore this further through JACCU.”

Jim Gubbels

Language Teacher & Musician

“A way with words and an ear for languages. Living abroad made me realise the importance of a way of communication, and helped me dive into the world of online content creation and localisation. Through JACCU, I’m hoping to follow my passion to create educational and visually appealing content that everyone enjoys.”

Yohei Ishiguro

Content Editor

“Visiting Japan has been on the top of my bucket list and ever since, I have been fascinated by Japanese culture, language and arts. With JACCU, I would like to stay in touch with Japan.”

Réka Koleszar

Content Editor

“Ikebana was long a practice of mine that I’ve been looking to renew. As a contemplative art based in the life of flowers, I hope it will naturally find a home in Utrecht.”

Susan Jenkins

Content Editor


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