Have you ever been to Japan? Can you imagine stepping into a space where you can connect with a society whose cultural character is shaped by community spirit, resilience and solidarity? Imagine a place where you can feel the atmosphere of respect and dignity and feel within yourself the energy that will nurture your dreams and make them come true with wisdom. Imagine a place where you can feel at home, meet unique people, and share wonderful experiences that will open your mind.

Welcome to JACCU, the Japanese Art and Culture Center of Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands. JACCU is active in the artistic and cultural scene of Utrecht with its dedicated platform for Japanese art and culture. In supporting quality contemporary and traditional arts and cultural activities, we go beyond pop-culture and reveal the genuine values ​​and traditions of Japan.


KOKO NI IRU Exhibition

JACCU is committed to becoming the favourite home for experiencing high-quality, authentic Japanese art and culture. As a pioneer non-profit cultural organisation based in Utrecht, we are building a network that is bridging Japan and the Netherlands to enrich the cultural climate of Utrecht and the Netherlands. Together with fellow Utrecht residents and organisations, we offer a centre for gathering, practising, researching and continuous learning. We welcome professionals and enthusiasts of Japanese culture, as well as anyone open to learning and appreciating its treasures, Japanese and non-Japanese, young and old alike.


Our mission is to enrich the cultural scene of Utrecht with an appealing spectrum of cultural activities and artistically significant projects, to build a community around Japanese art and culture in Utrecht and around, and to provide a central hub in Utrecht for making art, sharing and gaining knowledge and experience.

Stichting Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht

Make yourself at home

JACCU is here to inspire people to share the values of Japanese culture and the philosophy behind it. We believe that creating a space where people can easily step in will help to connect to this community we are building. 

As an initiative of people with roots in Utrecht, experience with Japanese cultural practices, and enthusiasm for creating a dignified and welcoming home for all, we believe that the city will be colourfully enriched by a house with open doors for everyone to breathe in the spirit of Japan.

KOKO NI IRU Exhibition

Diversity and Inclusion

JACCU’s focus on promoting Japanese art and culture allows us to open our doors to anyone. We have a program that has a wide range of activities to include different age groups and education levels. We provide courses and workshops in different languages as well as language-no-problem events for Dutch, Japanese, English speakers and internationals. In our artistic programme around Japanese arts, we are open to all professionals as well as amateurs, starting, emerging and established artists and makers.

We are also proud of the diversity in our team. Among us, there are people with ages ranging from 20’s to 50’s, 14 women, 8 men, 2 LGBTi+, 9 Dutch, 6 Japanese, 7 other nationalities, 16 with immigration backgrounds, 18 highly educated, 3 graduate students, 12 self-employed, 14 married or with a partner, 8 single, 1 with ADHD, 1 with autism and 6 mothers with 5 daughters and 4 sons.

Japanese Culture Event


hanko geijutsu bunka

Stichting Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht

President: Taciser Sevinc
Secretary: Nadia Polosina
Treasurer: Vera Belderbos
Artistic Committee: Hiroko Matsushita
Board member: Cindy Agterberg

KVK: 83826367
BTW: NL8628.30.175.B.01
IBAN: NL78 ABNA 0105 8907 58


“Creating a big house for Japanese art and culture, where I can support artists and craftsmen, learn more about Japanese arts & crafts, and practise kendo every day is my dream.”

Taciser Sevinc

Artist & Designer

“Having lived in Japan for 5 years, I want to have a part of real Japan back in my life, to be able to speak the language, attend a lecture, purchase Japanese goods and meet those who have been in Japan.”

Nadia Polosina


“Art and design are my passion and I would like to connect Japan and the Netherlands through them. I would like people to know not only typical Japanese culture, but also contemporary design, art and craft.”

Hiroko Matsushita

Artist & Designer

“My strength as a professional is to look at financial details with an honest view. I would like for JACCU to be a financially healthy organisation where Japanese culture can be explored and practised without limitation.”

Vera Belderbos

Financial Administrator & Legal Advisor

“I have a lot of Japanese musicians as friends. I host them in the Netherlands, and bring them on stage. My future dream is that every Japanese musician knows JACCU and wants to perform here.”

Cindy Agterberg

Matchmaker & Musician

“I am very passionate about developing networks between Japanese and Dutch arts, design and culture. I hope JACCU will be the place for everyone to share artistic skills and exchange cultural experiences.”

Yoshi Noda

PR Consultant & Language Teacher

“When I visited Japan, I was blown away by their impeccable hospitality, impressive architecture, unique art & culture, sublime nature and culinary traditions. I want to promote JACCU’s growth and I’m very excited to contribute with my experience in marketing and communication.”

Eleonora Milano

Marketing Director & Jewellery Designer

“Hope to understand art, culture and language of each other through JACCU.”

Hanae Sasaoka

Artist & Language Teacher

“During an art residency, I travelled across Japan for several months and it was a life-changing experience. Japanese art and culture is a significant part of my life. With JACCU, I contribute in promoting of Japanese arts and crafts, creating and supporting opportunities where people can exchange knowledge and ideas.”

Marina Višić

Visual Artist & Dutch Editor

“Japan was my home for four years; a place where I finished my graduate degree and pursued a career in the arts and cultural sector. I believe that when we move from one country to another, we need to take the knowledge and culture we have acquired to wherever we go, and with JACCU I can pursue that. In the Netherlands, JACCU has been one of the platforms that I get to do my labour of love in the arts and cultural sector.”

Karen Batino

Artistic Project Manager

“As a Japanese and a culture enthusiast, JACCU caught my attention immediately, how it is connecting Japanese art and culture, and people in the Netherlands at a profound level. I enjoy working with international, professional members of JACCU!”

Emi Ban

Project Manager

“Ikebana was long a practice of mine that I’ve been looking to renew. As a contemplative art based in the life of flowers, I hope it will naturally find a home in Utrecht.”

Susan Jenkins

Artist & English Editor

“An enthusiast of languages and linguistics who lost his heart to Japan, its culture and its language… As a language teacher, contributing to people’s dreams by diligently investing in them and the language is my dream.”

Niek Span

Linguist & Language Teacher

“Being creative in teaching the language & the taiko art helps me keep life fresh and helps me to get people more in touch with their feeling through drumming. I hope to explore this further through JACCU.”

Jim Gubbels

Musician & Language Teacher

“I’ve wanted to learn about Japan from a young age, when I discovered that my name is Japanese. I share the same mission with JACCU on connecting with Japanese art and culture and love working with the team, sharing Japanese culture together!”

Ayumi Esponda

Marketing Assistant & Content Editor

“I have always had a love for the cultures of Asia, and the Japanese language and arts specifically spoke to me because of the elegance that is found in their seeming simplicity. I want to help convey the elegance I see in Japanese culture to others who may not know all that it includes.”

Roos-Marijn Borst

Social Media Editor

“My mother is Japanese, and my grandparents live in Wakayama, Japan. I joined JACCU to reconnect with my Japanese heritage, and it provides a sense of place and a welcoming environment in the Netherlands.“

Naomi Tidball

Web Developer & English Editor

“The visual elegance of the Japanese language inspired me to pursue a career in Asian Studies. After living in Japan, I came back to Europe to follow new adventures. I joined JACCU to reconnect with my passion for this fascinating country, and contribute to many projects.”

Robert Vidal Esteve

Web Developer & Content Creator


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