JACCU’s primary goal is for its community to share knowledge and experience. Language is a way to communicate and connect with people; it’s an essential tool in our relationships. Through teaching languages, we can accomplish our goal of contributing to our society by providing cultural exchange opportunities that will impact future generations in a positive and inspiring way.

At JACCU (Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht), we offer a wide range of language courses to learn Japanese for Dutch and English speakers and specific courses for Japanese speakers to learn Dutch or English. Our lessons are currently available online.

We offer courses for individuals from 8 years old and up. Our knowledgeable teachers provide several language courses at different levels. Choose a course from the list below, or request a free intake interview to find the best-suited course.

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This selection comprises three different Japanese courses, from beginner to intermediate level to learn the language from scratch up to a more advanced level, with attention to grammar, pronunciation, listening activities and a focus on how to write Japanese characters of hiragana and katakana. Perfect if you are looking for a complete course with equal attention to the spoken and written part of language.

Beginner I

In this course you will learn how to write and read the basic Japanese characters of hiragana and katakana. Also, basic grammar will be taught to help you to make simple conversation in Japanese with listening and speaking exercises to practise the basics of the language.

Starting Date: 21.11.2022

Duration: 12 weeks (Online)

Beginner II

This course is the continuation of the Beginner I Japanese course. In this level, you will go deeper in the hiragana and katakana syllabary system with more practice and exercises, you will learn more grammar rules along with an introduction to kanji.

Starting Date: To be announced

Duration: 12 weeks

Intermediate I

This intermediate course is focused on more complex grammatical patterns and it’s a continuation of the kanji study. With this course, you will be able to use the Japanese language correctly in various situations and in different contexts, and you will be able to understand Japanese current affairs to a certain extent.

Starting Date: To be announced

Duration: 12 weeks

Intermediate II

This course is a continuation of Intermediate I. At this level, you will learn more about expressing yourself in a formal and modest way, learn vocabulary and grammar that are related to official authorities like the workplace and the police, expressing our opinions on a variety of topics, and reflecting back on things in life.

Starting Date: 24.11.2022

Duration: 12 weeks (Online)




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レッスンはすべて日本語で行われ、オランダ語での平易な会話と共に日常生活におけるコミュニケーションの向上を目標しております。 文法、発音、読解、リスニングを中心に基本的な理解力及び会話スキルの向上が目的としたプログラムになっております。

開始月日 : 2023年2月より

期間:12週間 [オンライン]


Are you practising kendō, iaidō, judō or any other Japanese martial arts? It is accepted that traditional Japanese martial arts keep the specific terms in Japanese and one needs to learn them in order to follow the way devotedly. Our teacher Louis Vitalis is a well known budō teacher in the Netherlands. He holds ‘Kyoshi 7th Dan’ level in three disciplines and actively teaches kendō in Museidō Amsterdam, and jōdō in various countries in Europe. This is a great opportunity to learn from such an experienced budō master.

Language Courses Image Conversational Japanese

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The ‘Japanese Course for Martial Arts Practitioners’ starts in the new year and will be finished before the Golden Week in Spring. To join this course, there is no need to know how to read or write in Japanese. The course will focus solely on spoken Japanese, specifically on budō terms and concepts.

Starting Date: 07.02.2023

Duration: 12 lessons (Online)


The Japanese language uses three different systems for writing: hiragana, katakana and kanji. The first two are syllabaries, learned by school children who are required to finish compulsory education in order to read fluently and fully understand books and newspapers. The third system is the most complex one, it’s called kanji, and it’s constituted of symbols that were adopted from China in the 5th Century. Each kanji character has a specific meaning. There are officially 2,136 symbols set as jōyō kanji (regular-use) by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Being able to read Japanese characters plays a big part in a deeper understanding of the language and its unique charm. For this reason, our teacher Jim Gubbels designed this exceptional course.

Language Courses Image Cursus Kanji

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This is a special course focused on the study of the kanji characters used in the Japanese written language. You will study the first 80 kanji from Japanese education. Our teacher prepared this course by categorising the kanji characters under certain concepts based on their meaning. You will study them through writing and reading. Mastery of hiragana & katakana and a basic understanding of Japanese grammar will be necessary for this course.

Starting Date: To be announced

Duration: 8 weeks (Only in Dutch)


JACCU provides private lessons for Japanese, Dutch and English languages. These private lessons are tailor-made according to the levels and needs of each student. You can discuss the language of the lessons, course contents and materials with the teacher. Making a flexible schedule is also possible. Choose the ideal course format that benefits your purpose and schedule, and improve your skills effectively in a short time.

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Yoshi Noda

Niek Span

Louis Vitalis

Jim Gubbels

Hanae Sasaoka


Are you undecided on the course you want to take? Would you like to get more information on some of our courses? Contact us for a free intake interview.

In this online meeting, you will be assessed for the course you are interested in so that you can be placed in the right class for your needs.

All courses are currently offered online and they will start when there is enough demand.

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