JACCU is coming up with a new initiative for Japanese language practitioners:


In this virtual and physical space, you can brush up your Japanese by talking to other people in Japanese and have fun with inspiring conversations.

You can also enjoy our new series of newsletters with focus on the language from a fun angle by subscribing below. Japanese idioms, typical expressions, funny proverbs will be described and explained in detail, for you to extend your knowledge of this side of Japanese culture, too!

Conversation Meetups in Utrecht

Come together around a cup of tea and an omoshiroi topic and try your best to talk in Japanese. Level does not matter, our facilitator Nadia will help you participate in the topic, integrate in the conversation, and ultimately get better!

These informal meetups will take place in Utrecht city centre. We are welcoming everybody who wants to practise speaking Japanese. Native speakers are ε€§ζ­“θΏŽ!

First meetup is on February 12!

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We will share the past issues here.

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