Maan Limburg a is a Dutch photographer from Utrecht, Netherlands.

Her work stems from her wonder about the world and the lack of understanding it. One of her objectives is to create a world that shows how beautiful everything can be, and to make you reconsider what your world looks like. Through her visual explorations she will subtly show you reality is surreal. The photographs she takes are vividly subdued, a place where contradictions go hand in hand.

JACCU is supporting Maan Limburg and her artistic practice. Check her call for people to discuss with her the abandoned houses of Japan for her new photobook project.

Maan Limburg - Photographer

Hello there!

Nice to meet you, my name is Maan Limburg. I’m a photographer / artist creating a photobook about the abandoned places in Japan. During my many travels through Japan, I became fascinated by the enormous vacancy. This melancholic beauty, the “mono no aware”, intrigued me so much that I started to capture these places with a slight obsessiveness.

Now it feels like it’s time to share these images, stories and adventures in the form of a photobook. “The Lost World” has its roots in a fascination of the disregard people have for anything they no longer desire. Set against the backdrop of rural Japan, I have photographed deserted places, buildings and nature. While this country is famous for its advanced technology, there seems to be a surplus of unwanted areas and buildings. I explore the uncanny beauty of these scenes and try to show others the value of these places through my images. You will be able to experience a bit of my wonder through an artbook and exhibition coming in 2022.

Maan Limburg - Photographer

Open call for conversation

Before completing this project, I am looking for another layer to add to the project. I’m looking for people with a similar passion for Japan and its vacancy. I would like to hear what you think and what you know about this subject. Would you kindly share your opinion with me? Then I would like to invite you for a conversation with a cup of coffee or tea.

Pre-order is possible

If you find my photobook project interesting, you can pre-order my book. The link below will take you to my crowdfunding page. Here you will find other options to support the project in addition to pre-ordering my book. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and “groetjes”,

Maan Limburg

Maan Limburg by Christian van Duuren Photography

Maan Limburg by Christian van Duuren Photography

Maan Limburg is one of the associated artists JACCU supports. Check her website to discover her works as a photographer.

Concordiastraat 80
3551EM Utrecht



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