JACCU Art Platform continues with Entaku Meetings

The new project of JACCU Art Platform to strengthen the support for Japanese culture in the Netherlands: a series of Entaku (round table) meetings for artists, makers and creators whose work relates to Japan. After an inspiring launch in March, we are excited for the second Entaku gathering in June, where we have planned an art tour in the beautiful old city centre of Utrecht.

Art Tour in Utrecht

The art tour will provide a great opportunity for Entaku participants to meet representatives of the most prominent art centres in Utrecht. JACCU has a large art network in the city and invited the curators, programmers, and directors of each organisation to tell us about their vision & mission, selection criteria, as well as answer questions of tour participants.

The tour offers visits to seven different arts organisations, including 3 exhibitions and a special performance.

  • 13:00 – We will begin by visiting the exhibition in Kunstliefde, “Sliding Masks”. Regula Rexwinkel will tell us about the organisation and their other initiatives.
  • 13:40 – Next is another exhibition and performance in Galerie Sanaa, and the director Berthe Schoonman will tell us about the gallery. The exhibition is “The Invisibility of Colour” by artist Harm van den Berg (NL), and the performance is going to be his collaboration with Japanese musician Junko Murakawa (JP) from Amsterdam. Together, they create abstract electronic music using semi-modular synthesisers.
  • 14:30 – We will visit the beautiful Abraham Dolehof courtyard with its 200+ year-old plane tree. There we will visit two organisations sharing the same building – Fotodok, a gallery for documentary photography, and Casco Art Institute. In Casco, the curatorial fellow Aline Hernández and producer Marianna Takou will tell us about their organisation and the launching of the “Unlearning Center”, we will also view their new exhibition “Nina Bell F. House Museum”.
  • 15:20 – Across the street, we will visit Impakt, Centre for Media Culture and meet the founder and curator Arjon Dunnewind and the assistant curator Daniela Tenenbaum, together with the artist in residence, Dasha Ilina (RU). Dasha is interviewing visitors on how they deal with technology in their daily lives. During our visit, one person can be interviewed, and others who are interested can contact the artist after the event.
  • 16:10 – We will visit the Centraal Museum and view the exhibition “The Bentvueghels”. The exhibition ticket is €13,50 per person. We recommend you to book your ticket online in advance. Those who want to skip the CM exhibition can stay at Impakt for another round of interviews or take a rest in the Museum Café Central.
  • 17:30 – We will end the day with a Japanese dinner in Kounosuke, at Westerkade 27.

Event: JACCU Entaku Meetings #2
Time: 04.06.2023, 13:00-17:30
Starting point: Kunstliefde, Nobelstraat 12A, 3512 EN Utrecht
Language: English
Tickets: The event is admission free, however we kindly ask you to register, please. Places for this whole tour are limited, so make sure to register before May 29 to reserve your spot. We hope you will enjoy what JACCU has planned for you during our next Entaku meeting! Sign up and join now! 

Registration for this event is closed.

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JACCU Entaku meetings Art Tour Utrecht Kunstliefde

Kunstliefde, Space for Visual Art, offers a changing exhibition programme focusing on contemporary art, Utrecht artists and young creators.

Kunstliefde was founded in 1807 as Teekengenootschap (Drawing Society), which is one of the oldest artists’ associations in the Netherlands. The association consists of more than 140 professional visual artists from Utrecht and the rest of the country.

In addition to a nice exhibition space, Kunstliefde is the organiser of the Utrechtse Atelierroute, Utrecht Down Under, contemporary art at special locations in Utrecht, and the co-initiator of the platform Art Utrecht.

JACCU Entaku meetings Art Tour Utrecht Galerie Sanaa

Galerie SANAA (‘art’ in Swahili, ‘brilliance’ in Arabic) shows contemporary art by artists from Africa and the Netherlands. SANAA works with young and established artists often in duo or group exhibitions to encourage cross-pollination between them and often creates exhibitions that cross disciplines. They are looking for layered art – dynamic, diverse and hybrid and highlights this in exhibitions, debate and artist talks in the gallery in Utrecht and on location, including at art fairs.

In 2009, Berthe Schoonman exchanged a career in internationalisation for the construction of Galerie SANAA. It is an art gallery in Utrecht in the heart of the historic city, housed in a beautiful and spacious building. The gallery is located on the Jansdam (between Janskerkhof and the Dom) near the museum quarter and other galleries.

JACCU Entaku meetings Art Tour Utrecht Fotodok 

FOTODOK was founded in 2008 by Femke Lutgerink and Rob Hornstra. It began as a nomadic organisation, initiating events and exhibitions in collaboration with various partners in the city, just like JACCU. 

The distinctive position of FOTODOK’s programming lies in how it develops a continuous approach. FOTODOK chooses an “umbrella” theme and keeps on researching, showcasing, and discussing the chosen topic throughout the year. They seek a long-lasting relationship with the topic, and want multi-directional engagement with the subject matter.

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons is an experimental platform where art invites a new vision of society. Art and the Commons are two key practices for Casco Art Institute. They are seen as both tools and visions for better ways of living together. Casco Art Institute works for this vision of art and the commons by creating a space, or “Casco” meaning in Dutch a space of basic structure for change, for co-exploration and study with collective art projects as well as organisational experiments. They co-develop collective art projects out of critical questions and radical imagination. These projects are process-based and site-specific, forming a community and together generating art and knowledge as common resources. They dream of offering an example of a commonly desirable institution of art and the commons that embodies diversity, equity, pluralism, and sustainability. They especially welcome those who seek change in their life as well as in the world while feeling vulnerable alone or within other institutions.

JACCU Entaku meetings Art Tour Utrecht Impakt

IMPAKT, Centre for Media Culture, is a media arts organisation based in Utrecht and founded in 1988. They present critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and on innovative audio-visual arts in an interdisciplinary context. Their aim is to identify urgent issues in digital and transglobal culture, by focusing on the relationship between society, media, technology and arts. They examine issues around politics, science and popular culture from different angles. Their aim is to present creative and innovative approaches and stir debates with critical ideas on common beliefs in society at large as well as towards dominant perceptions in arts and academia. IMPAKT organises activities throughout the year:
  • IMPAKT Works, a residency programme
  • IMPAKT Events, a regular series of exhibitions, panels, artist-talks, presentations and screenings centering on a given theme, movement, or artist
  •  IMPAKT Channel, a platform where art projects made for the internet are presented, along with curated programmes featuring film and video art
  • IMPAKT Archive that works on digitising IMPAKT’s screening history back to 1988, when the first IMPAKT Festival was organised
  • IMPAKT Festival, a five-day multimedia event that includes exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, panels, performances, presentations, and artist talks at locations in Utrecht, the Netherlands and online at Planet IMPAKT.

JACCU Entaku meetings Art Tour Utrecht Centraal Museum

The Centraal Museum is the oldest city museum in the Netherlands with a rich history from 1830 to the present. It is a world-class museum with strong Utrecht roots. The mission of the museum is to broaden the view of the visitor through art and culture. Their collection of visual art, design, fashion and city history is the basis, and it offers our visitors new perspectives that often have a link with current events.

The exhibition De Bentvueghels: A notorious art society in Rome tells the special story of artists from the Northern and Southern Netherlands, who united in Rome around 1620 in the artist group De Bentvueghels. The group takes its striking name from how its members saw themselves as a group of colourful birds. With their rituals and customs they parodied the two official ‘sacred houses’ of Italy: the Roman Catholic Church and the Accademia di San Luca. The compatriots partied and drank, but the binding factor was the painting profession.

Kounosuke - Japanese Don Dining

Kounosuke is the first authentic Japanese restaurant of Utrecht. The owners moved from Japan to Utrecht and opened Kounosuke in 2016 and then Kakunosuke in 2019. As there are a lot of varieties of Japanese cuisine other than sushi in Japan, the special cuisine Kounosuke offers is called “Don”. Don is a very popular and authentic food in Japan. Rice is placed in a bowl and then toppings and broth are added on top. There is a wide variety of rice bowl dishes with many kinds of toppings.

If you wish to join us for dinner, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can reserve a place for you at the table.

Event: JACCU Entaku Meetings #2
Time: 04.06.2023, 13:00-17:30
Starting point: Kunstliefde, Nobelstraat 12A, 3512 EN Utrecht
Language: English
Tickets: The event is admission free, however we kindly ask you to register, please. Places for this whole tour are limited, so make sure to register before May 29 to reserve your spot. We hope you will enjoy what JACCU has planned for you during our next Entaku meeting! Sign up and join now! 

Registration for this event is closed.

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Japan Art Expo

Japan Art Expo

JACCU is happy to announce that JAE, the Japan Art Expo, is taking place in Utrecht in June 2023. Read more about our collaboration.

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