A Brand New Digital Storytelling Show from Terra Storyteller
Exploring the Eastern Philosophy of Nature Farming

21 – 31 July – Online in Fringe Toronto

Terra Norihiro Terazawa is an international storyteller and nature farmer currently based in Den Haag. He trained as an actor at the School of Speech and Drama (Kibbutz Harduf, Israel) and Michael Tschechow Studio (Berlin, Germany) and as a storyteller at The School of Storytelling (Forest Row, UK). He has performed in The Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK. Terra has been the director of DISC (Dutch International Storytelling Centre, Den Hague) from its founding in 2014.

Terra Norihiro Terazawa (photo by One Sovereign Studio)

Standing on the Miraculous Field

“Standing on the Miraculous Field” follows Terra Norihiro Terazawa’s story of reviving a lemon tree and the principle of Nature Farming. Modern society has created a world of constant growth and progress. Science has enabled us to create a materially wealthy life. Through all the economic and scientific breakthroughs, we’ve adapted a mindset to improve nature. Faster is better… or is it? Nature Farming (The ‘do-nothing farming’ method) teaches us to regain awareness of syncing with nature forces and the way to live in peace within ourselves and the world around us.

As a Storyteller and Nature Farmer based in Den Haag, The Netherlands, Terra Norihiro Terazawa poses a vital question to the modern world:

What is to live with connection, in peace, and in abundance?

In a real sense, people cannot understand nature completely. Don’t do anything unnecessary. But that doesn’t mean to let it be. Nature is not sweet to a lazy peasant.

Masanobu Fukuoka
The originator of Nature Farming.

Terra Storyteller / Studio Brandstof

Terra Norihiro Terazawa assembled a special creative team for the 2021 Digital Toronto Fringe Festival. Key members’ bios are the following:

Kaho Koda (Producer) is a Japanese theatre creator, writer, and producer. She is also the founder and artistic director of Human Burrito Productions. Originally from Tokyo, she studied and practiced theatre in Tokyo, Montreal, Toronto, and is currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her recent work includes “Decaying Tongue” as part of Toronto Fringe Festival (2019) and “The Human Connection Project” (2020). Her latest podcast show “Controversial Japan“, which explores controversial opinions about the Japanese mindset, culture, and custom through stories and interviews, is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Gary Condés (Creative Director) is a Theatre & Film Director, Acting Teacher & 121 Coach. He runs his own specialist, intensive actor training & coaching in London & across the UK & Europe.

Nick Gore (Director of Photography) is a video & photo production specialist based in Amsterdam. Coming from an agency background he has over 15 years of production experience and has been involved in numerous high-level campaigns across the planet. Over the past 5 years he has branched out into other creative fields and now has a plethora of music videos, social productions, museum exhibition videos and even short films under his belt.

Terra Norihiro Terazawa (photo by Daijiro Hama)


Patrons can purchase online at Fringe Toronto

Opens July 21 – 31, 2021 through this event page


Toronto Fringe Communications Manager: Claire Wynveen

Media Contact: Kaho Koda
( / +31615632077)


Screenwriter / Storyteller: Terra Norihiro Terazawa

Director of Photography: Nick Gore

Creative Director: Gary Condés

Writing Assistant: Marie Phillips

Cinematography: One Sovereign Studio

Set Designer: Bas van Geest

Sound Designer: Zino Schat

Graphic Designer: Daijiro Hama

Producer: Kaho Koda

Marketeer: Sarah Kaufmann

Terra Norihiro Terazawa is one of our associated artists.

Terra Storyteller
About Terra
DISC – Dutch International Storytelling Centre
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