Community Picnic

Are you around Utrecht in July? Would you like a small gathering where you can enjoy some Japanese breeze? Come to Natsumatsurietje!

Matsuri (festivals in Japan) were originally rituals of thanksgiving to the gods. But in the course of people’s lives, they have evolved into many other forms, celebrating the seasons and remembering the spirits of ancestors…

Natsumatsuri, originally, is a traditional summer festival to meet with family and friends; a perfect event to spend time together and strengthen the bonds of community. Wearing a yukata, bringing homemade cooking, joining small games like catching koi fish or watching Bon Odori are the traditional essences of a summer festival. It is an important moment to share traditional family origins and customs, and let children make warm memories.

JACCU is looking forward to building a community for all Japanese people and Japanese culture enthusiasts to pass on the culture inherited from the previous generation to the next generation. We are hoping to meet all the JACCU family and supporters in this open air event. 

Natsumatsurietje in Japanse Tuin

Come on! Fetch your biggest picnic sheet, prepare some food, fill your tea flask, put on your yukata and bring your family to Máximapark!

On the 24th of July, a Saturday afternoon, we are meeting in the Japanese garden in the middle of Máximapark in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht.

Date : 24.07.2021
Time : 13:00 – 17:00
Location : Japanese Tuin, Máximapark, Utrecht

Program of the Natsumatsurietje

We are going to have a modest picnic and some small activities:

Opening – 13:00
– Storytelling (Terra) – 14:00
– Book reading for children – 14:45
– Group Conversation – 15:30
– Storytelling (Terra) – 16:45
Ongoing activities – 13:00 – 17:00
– Washi Workshop (Yuriko Miyoshi)
– Tanabata Workshop (Hiroko Matsushita)
– Community Picnic
Closing – 17:00


Natsumatsurietje event is free of charge, but your donations are always welcome!
Click here to donate through GoFundMe.



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