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Are you Japanese and living in the Netherlands?

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The Leiden University and JACCU Research Project is conducted by three students majoring in Japan Studies and International Studies, in collaboration with JACCU, the Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht. Would you like to share your experiences in an interview?


We are looking for your cooperation to build the community of JACCU. We would like to interview Japanese people living in the Netherlands to gain a better insight into the community. In this research, we’re hoping to learn more about your experience living in the Netherlands and its culture.

What do you enjoy?
What do you miss?
How is your life experience compared to Japan?

Please let us know in a short interview!

An interview about your experiences living in the Netherlands and / or Japan
An online meeting through Zoom Meetings
30 – 40 minutes
We’ll contact you to make an appointment before the 12th of May.

We appreciate your interest!

Interested in participating in this research project and sharing your experiences? Please use the button to sign up and fill in the contact form. We’ll contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Please note: we are no longer accepting contact forms of this research project. Thank you very much for your interest and participation!


Leiden University & JACCU Project






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Maan Limburg – Photographer

Maan Limburg – Photographer

Maan Limburg a is a Dutch photographer from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her work stems from her wonder about the world and the lack of understanding it. One of her objectives is to create a world that shows how beautiful everything can be, and to make you reconsider...

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Ohara Ikebana in Utrecht

Ohara Ikebana in Utrecht

JACCU is delighted to announce a collaboration with the Ohara Chapter Nederland to hold a demonstration and workshop of Ikebana – the Japanese art of flower arrangement, in Utrecht. Sign up form is at the end of the page. For this article, our content writer Jessica...

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Mika Horie – Cyanotype Photography

Mika Horie – Cyanotype Photography

Bildhalle Gallery in Amsterdam recently exhibited the unique cyanotype photographs of Japanese artist Mika Horie in the artist’s first solo show in the Netherlands, Kiku. Her work will be available again before the year is out at Leiden’s Japan Museum SeiboldHuis from...

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Manga and Japanese Culture Week in Bibliotheek Utrecht

Manga and Japanese Culture Week in Bibliotheek Utrecht

In February, between the 19th and 26th, de Bibliotheek Utrecht organised the Manga and Japanese Culture Week in the Neude library. Co-organisers of this event were Himawari no Kai, the Japanese book club, MangaKissa, the only physical manga library of the Netherlands...

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