Vegan Miso Tan Tan Men

Every month, Japanese chef Taka shares one of his vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian recipes that he prepares for JACCU. Taka’s Cooking Class in November we have a vegan style spicy noodle soup with miso broth!

Time: 10:30 (Utrecht) / 18:30 (Japan)
Date: 21.11.2021, Sunday
Price: €20

As in each class, Taka will cook with you and guide you through the whole recipe, answer your questions, help you to solve unexpected problems and even have a nice chat with you about Japan and your culture. Join him in November class, learn an authentic Japanese recipe and have fun!

Sounds intriguing? You can easily sign up from the form below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible for further details after receiving your sign up form.

Tan Tan Men helps you to stay young and healthy!

This noodle soup with miso broth is not only vegan but also anti-aging!

Here is the original recipe of Taka:

Taka's Cooking Class

Preparation before the class

In order to participate, you need to prepare all listed ingredients in the recipes on your own. In addition, the following preparation is required prior to the lesson:

1. Complete step 1 (Stock making) in the recipe prior to the lesson.

2. Measure the ingredients.

See you at Taka’s Cooking Class in November!

Taka’s online cooking class is perfect for everyone who wants to brush up on their kitchen skills at home. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, learn the secrets of authentic Japanese cooking with this fun interactive class in Taka’s Kitchen.

Hope to see you in the class!

Time: 10:30 (Utrecht) / 18:30 (Japan)
Date: 21.11.2021, Sunday
Price: €20

Takafumi Bote
Learn to Cook Tasty Japanese Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes

“Let’s explore the world of Japanese food you have yet to experience!
See you in the class!”

Takafumi Bote (Taka) is a professional chef from Hokkaido, Japan.
His specialities are Hokkaido cooking, Japanese regional cooking and Donburi (rice bowls).

◎Certified WASHOCOOK instructor since 2019



Welcome to JACCU

Welcome to JACCU

JACCU is the short name of the Stichting Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht. The main objective of the foundation is to represent and disseminate Japanese art and culture in their broadest sense.

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